I’ve had the best sleep that I’ve had in months since I started taking RYZ™. Usually I’m lucky if I can get 6 hours of sleep but the last three nights that I’ve been taking RYZ™ I’ve been able to sleep a full 8 hours each night.

Two days on the product and I woke up with a clarity of thought that I had never experienced before. It was subtle but powerful and I didn’t need my regular cup of coffee.
I don’t take my RYZ™ after noon because my brain wants to keep working when it’s time to go to bed so I take all 3 capsules with my breakfast. I find that I am able to work all day long without mental fatigue and then I am able to sleep soundly. My productivity has gone through the roof!
Since I’ve been taking RYZ™ things that would normally stress me out no longer bother me – my moods are more even-keeled and pleasant. Challenging situations roll off me like water rolls off of a duck’s back.
One thing I’ve noticed in the short time that I’ve been taking RYZ™ is a dramatic increase in vivid dream activity. Something’s going on and it’s pretty exciting!
I’m sleeping better than I have in the last few years. I have a lot on my plate at the time and I’ve noticed that the mental fatigue is not really there with all that is going on in my life so it makes dealing with it much easier. My dreaming has become enhanced where I remember a lot more.
Better sleep, memory, mood, focus – all of these are greatly improved and, as an older man, my libido is through the roof!

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