The active ingredients in RYZ MIND™ are backed by over 60 clinical studies that show significant improvement in…

Brain Power

The RYZ MIND™ formulation is designed to support focus, attention, learning, intelligence, creativity, memory, judgement, reasoning, computation, problem solving, decision making, comprehension, language development, mental stamina, and the acquisition of new knowledge.*


The RYZ MIND™ formulation supports stress reduction, mood elevation, and increased blood flow. All of these support a healthy libido.

Here are just a few testimonials from our happy customers:

Two days on RYZ MIND™ and I woke up with a clarity of thought that I had never experienced before. It was subtle but powerful. It helps me be a better me. – D.W.

I take RYZ MIND™ with my breakfast and I find that I am able to work all day long without mental fatigue and then I am able to sleep soundly. My productivity has risen to a new level! – Frank, M.

Since I’ve been taking RYZ MIND™ things that would normally stress me out no longer bother me – my moods are better and my libido has greatly improved. – Lisa, J.

I’m sleeping better than I have in the last few years and I find that I am dreaming a lot more. I currently have a lot on my plate and I’ve noticed that the mental fatigue is not really there with all that is going on in my life so it makes dealing with life’s challenges much easier. – T.C.

Better sleep, memory, mood, focus – all of these are greatly improved and, as an older man, my libido is through the roof! – P.R.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We are so confident that you will be completely thrilled with RYZ MIND that you can try it RISK FREE with our Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.