How To Build Your Affiliate Business

The quickest way to build your affiliate business is to send the following text or email to your contacts:

Hi Joe,

I would like you to check out this new product and affiliate program. They are currently giving away FREE product to the first 700 customers just to try it. I know the people involved and I trust them.

Go to the following link for info and to get your FREE products:


Also, I recommend getting your own FREE Affiliate Link in case you want to share it like I am. This company pays through 12 tiers of affiliates. This makes it possible to earn a substantial royalty income. 

After ordering your bottle and registering as an affiliate, copy this message and forward it to those that you think should know about it. Make sure to change the affiliate link from mine to yours.



If you want to accelerate the growth of your affiliate business do the following:

After a day or two, follow up and ask if they are open to more info or if they have any questions. At this point you can do any of the following:

  1. Answer their questions and encourage them to try the product RISK FREE
  2. Ask for referrals: Ask the “who do you know” questions. Start with “For a limited time are giving away FREE samples, who do you know…”
    1. “.. that has lost their job or business due to the recent lockdown?”
    2. “..that is a Baby Boomer who wants to stay young and sharp?”
    3. “..that is a young professional who is a go-getter and who would love to have the competitive advantage?”
    4. “..that is a college student that would like to get better grades and make money on the side?”
    5. “..that is sick of working for someone else and would like to be their own boss?”
    6. “..that is a “stay at home Mom” looking to make some extra money?”
    7. “..that has a history of Alzheimers in their family?”
    8. “..that is the most successful person you know?”

How To Call a Referral:

“Hello, my name is _____ and your friend/relative asked me to give you a call. I promised him/her that I would get you some info on a product that we are giving away for FREE for people to try. Can I have your permission to send you some FREE info?”

Next, send the text/email listed at the top of this page and repeat the follow up process described above to get more referrals.