The RYZ Peak Performance Supplement was created by Steven Minnaar who is listed in the World Genius Directory of the World’s Highest IQ’s. Here is his story in his own words:

I have always had a curious mind. Several years ago I became interested in the culture of “mental athletes” where individuals competed in the areas of memory, mental math, and more. I was also a dedicated researcher and user of natural “nootropic” supplements. These are supplements that are designed to boost memory, focus and overall brain power. That’s when I stumbled across “High IQ Societies” and I decided to test my IQ. To my surprise I scored high enough to get listed in the World Genius Directory.

Now, there is a lot of debate as to what having a high IQ actually means, but it was fun to do and I was excited that I actually scored well. At the time my wife called me an “idiot savant” which is probably a more accurate assessment! At any rate, this led me to create what I believe is the most powerful, natural peak performance supplement on the market: RYZ™. Designed to support memory, mood, focus and libido, I highly recommend this supplement for anyone who is seeking to reach their full potential. I guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with this product or I will give you your money back – no questions asked.